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About OMEN

Welcome Agent, to OMEN Investigations.

OMEN Investigations is a comedy horror podcast starring three secret agents as they travel the world fighting monsters, ghosts, aliens and other paranormal perils. We've been recording and releasing episodes since 2018 and crafting an epic story that is as enthralling as it is unpredictable.

Follow Koala Jackson, an amnesiac Australian with a hidden past, Doctor Martin Bengtsson, a disgraced language professor with a penchant for demonology, and Annabelle St John, a gun slinging southern belle from Texas.

OMEN is a TTRPG podcast where the episodes are short, but the story is fast-paced and fun. We wanted to make a show that you could listen to on a 20 minute commute without losing out on anything. We try to keep our episodes between 15 and 30 minutes in general, but some of our specials are longer.

The podcast stars Sean Oxspring, Andi Jorgensen, Sam Silvers and Xalavier Nelson Jr - you can find out more about them here. We've also had a tonne of amazing guests on the show, and we record all of them on this page too. We'd also love for you to check out our fan art page, as we're very proud of what our fans have made for us.

You can find us on most podcasting apps, but here's some links for you:

We strongly suggest you start at the beginning - it's a little bit rough compared with more recent episodes, but we're still quite proud of it:

You can also (in theory) start at the end of season one, and follow the story of what happened at the Great Pyramid of Giza...

If you want to get a taste of what OMEN is about before plunging into the main storyline then our first Halloween Spooktacular is quite a good self-contained mini series:

We also did a special event with the developers of the award winning Hypnospace Outlaw that was a lot of fun, check that out too!

We also have an official fan discord where we run TTRPG events, quizzes and post up awesome fan art. It's a lovely little community and we'd love to have you join us!

If you want day to day OMEN updates, then check out our Twitter @OMENCast.


Thank you for listening, and we'll see you around!

The OMEN Team 👁️


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