OMEN Investigations

Follow the ridiculous adventures of the OMEN team!
A Ridiculously Surreal Comedy Horror TTRPG podcast!

OMEN S1E48 - Liberty Flesh Mech

September 20th, 2019

Peyton Steele, Rose Gibsonton and Koala Jackson prepare to defend the remains of the O.M.E.N. base from a swarm of bloodthirsty vampires. They have a small team of loyal agents at hand, armed with the finest weaponry... but they're not going to need it where they are going. Rose fires a man-cannon, Peyton's feline friends come to play and Koala commits unspeakable atrocities with his void crowbar.

Dungeon Master: Sean Oxspring
Rose Gibsonton: Shannon Strucci
Koala Jackson: 
Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Additional SFX:
 Luke Sharples

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