OMEN Investigations

Follow the ridiculous adventures of the OMEN team!
A Ridiculously Surreal Comedy Horror TTRPG podcast!

OMEN S1E10 - Dread Head Redemption

November 16th, 2018

The team head deeper into the caves and find an ancient vampire hive far below the city of Paris. Koala has a very bad trip, Lavinia observes some ichor, Annabelle shoots some horrific abominations and Martin builds a makeshift raft.

Dungeon Master: Sean Oxspring
Koala Jackson: Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Dr. Martin Bengtsson: Andrea J├Ârgensen
Annabelle St John: Samantha Silvers
Guest Redshirt: Kate Gray as Lavinia Trebonius
O.M.E.N. Theme: Alex Eskes

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