OMEN Investigations

Follow the ridiculous adventures of the OMEN team!
A Ridiculously Surreal Comedy Horror TTRPG podcast!

OMEN S1E2 - A Confluence Of Spheres

September 9th, 2018

The team come face to face with the liquid in the coffin and Koala comes face to face with some bulletproof glass. It's all going well for Edmund at the blackjack tables in this episode of O.M.E.N. - but will this fun time end with a terrible splash?

Dungeon Master: Sean Oxspring
Koala Jackson: Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Dr. Martin Bengtsson: Andrea J├Ârgensen
Annabelle St John: Samantha Silvers
Guest Redshirt: Dan Pearce as Edmund Black

O.M.E.N. Theme Alex Eskes

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