OMEN Investigations

Follow the ridiculous adventures of the OMEN team!
A Ridiculously Surreal Comedy Horror TTRPG podcast!

OMEN S2E16 - Erase & Rewind

November 27th, 2020

The team make their way into the research labs deep in the cliffside of Fyre Island and find Doctor Moclam's old research. Unbeknownst to them there is something down there hunting them. Martin gains a new power, Annabelle does some investigation and Koala gets emasculated by a knife-carrying dog.

Dungeon Master: Sean Oxspring
Koala Jackson: Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Dr. Martin Bengtsson: Andrea Jörgensen
Annabelle St John: Samantha Silvers
Dr. Steven Moclam: Andrew (The Beholder's Eye)
O.M.E.N. Theme: Emma Wright

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